Tuesday, 21 October 2014

About me

Hi Im Emma.

I have a dog called Kaiser , He is a boxer.

Kaisers colour is Brindle [ its a mix of brown and black ]

My favourite colour is Blue.

I have a sister called Holly.

Thats pretty much it though...

Thanks for reading!!!!


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Red Flaming Fire

Red flaming fire is so steamy
Everyone I know is down leaning
Doesn't matter if your big or small

Feeling down is the most of all
Lights gather the sky
Another thing keep an eye
Mum and dad are in it to
I would stay away if I was you 
Never cry
Gather sighs

Freedom now
I would never tell
Respect other
Especially mothers

By Emma.V.

Monday, 25 August 2014

The Fitness Berry

Once upon a time there was a little berry. The berry would get up every day and run or jog around the park that she lived on. Her mother always watches her to see if she doesn't see Big cot { he is half apricot and he is BIG }. He used to bully her because he said she was too FAT!!! So one day she ran around the park,but when she looked at the window her mum wasn't there,so she stopped running. To be continued.

By Emma.V.

My persuasive writing agreement

The arguing statement: ( classroom learning programmes should only include reading,writing,maths. That means no P.E, fitness,art,music,intergrated learning,kapa haka,dance, ect...

My argument: I disagree because if we didn't have intergrated learning how would we know about Christchurch and it's history? On the other hand we could learn off someone but why? We go to school to learn.

And fitness, if we didn't have fitness we wouldn't get much energy in to us to keep us going for the day Besides morning tea and lunch,but when we are learning we need energy because morning tea and lunch are along time away!!!

If we didn't have art

Dogs make a much better pet than a Cat.

Firstly Dogs make a much better pet because their helpful in so many ways e.g they wait patiently for treats and bones also wait for their food and water.

Secondly Dogs rest and wake up with lots of energy and are ready to play with you.

Thirdly they do tricks e.g roll over,shake hands,sit,lie down ect.....

Another thing Dogs like to run like lightning and retrieve balls and are sooo playful!!!

Also a dog is a mans best friend.

Now you can see that a Dog is a way better pet than a Cat.

I hope you agree and change your mind with my ideas.

                    By Emma.V.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Thursday, 12 June 2014


Mathletics is a fun and interesting website for you and your family to go on and enjoy maths and adventure a lot of things while you are on it. I go on mathletics often because its good for your brain!!! I would like to get a mathletics trophy because it will show that I've earned it!!!

Thanks for reading
By Emma